Bastokan High Elite Membership Application

Copy and paste this form to an e-mail, fill out with your information, and e-mail it to:
to be considered for membership to the Bastokan High Elite linkshell.

Minimum requirements:
Job that is lvl 60 or higher with all AF.
Rank 5 or higher.
(If you switch to Bastok to join BHE, your other nation must be Rank 5 or higher)

Our two rules:
1. You have to be Bastokan
2. You can't have any other linkshells

(God/HNM and Dynamis pearls are allowed, but can only be worn during the event)

If you can handle these two rules and fulfill our minimum requirements, fill out the application below
and send it to Zodiaque at the above e-mail address.
If not, thanks for your interest, we'll see you in the game.

Application Form:
Please elaborate on any situations below, give as much information as possible.

Character Name:


Favorite Job:

Levels of jobs:


Referred by:

Why do you want to be a member of BHE?

Do you wear your signet often?

How long have you been playing Final Fantasy XI?

How many people do you have blacklisted and why?

Have you ever had to kick someone out of a party?

Favorite thing about Final Fantasy XI:

The thing you hate the most about Final Fantasy XI:

How many GM calls have you made and why?

What do you hope to accomplish in this LS?

How willing are you to assist other members of the LS
(whether it be an AH check if you are in the area, a raise, a key hunt etc...)?

What are your plans for the maxing out of your character
(are you going to quit at 75 or stick around for HNMs, Gods, LS help, etc...)?

Can you stick to a schedule?
Often, times/dates are set for various events.
Outside of something occuring in real life can you show up on time?
If you can't show up can you let us know?

How accomplished are you at being a team player?
During events we rely on complete cooperation in order to get things done.
Needless chat when the leader of the event is giving instructions
(chat when instructions are not being given is fine, by all means have fun)
or not following instructions just because you have a problem with
"being told what to do" is not acceptable.

Have you been in any other LS prior to BHE?
Why did you leave?
If you were kicked, why were you kicked?

How easy-going are you?
People in this LS are friends.
The main reason we have the one-pearl-only rule is for this exact reason.
If someone picks on you are you going to take offense easily?
Nobody in this LS is going to come at you maliciously about anything.
On the offchance that they do, notify a pearlsack holder
or Jimm and they will be corrected.
Also, please do not assume anything.
If you are not being answered right away in the LS chat
do not assume it is because no one likes you or you are being ignored on purpose.
Our LS is full of people who are constantly doing something
and may not see your question or statement.
Do not take offense to this.
If you need to talk to someone and they do not respond, send them a tell.

Thank you!!! :) I'll respond back as soon as I can!

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