Character name: Jimm
Mules: Sezy, Yummay, Hawt
Favorite Jobs: PLD and MNK
Highest level character: Jimm, 75 PLD
Birthday: May 15, 1984
Member since: October 2003

First Rank 3 Fight

Whoopin up on a Thunder Elemental!

Sereh showing Jimm who's boss...

Jimm and Shathra

Yep, Fearless leader...

Going in to fight Shiva...not scared at all!

Ready for lvl 30 cap, CoP's BC gear...

Jimm and Miya, swords at the ready!

Pouncing on their prey!

On an NM hunt for Sin.

First encounter with Doom...

Jimm hanging out with Lynari

Hidden cameras checking out Jimm with Lynari...


Jimm and Lynari

The fabulous trio...

Jimm looking at a sunset.

Jimm as a happy orc XD

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