Character name: Zodiaque
Mules: Zody
Favorite Jobs: WHM, SMN, and DRK
Highest level character: Zodiaque, 70 WHM
Birthday: January 26, 1980
Member since: October 2003

Zod and Noc :) with Carb


Zod and Cuca!

Yes...that's me.../blush

Dreaming of the Opaline armour now...

At the Yhoat crystal...Loving her RSE!

Warping out.


<3 Noc :)

Searching for a key.

Catching that crazy Cuca.

O_O What the hell happened here???
Zodiaque to the rescue!

Wolf, Zod's studly tank.

Zodiaque's best friend :)

Hunting Zodiaque's sun sign: Aquarius

It WILL appear, it WILL!

Zod with her hero :)

Leviathan coming to say hi to Cuca...

Waiting for Leviathan to come down.

SMN AF1 /cheer!

Noc, Zod, and Tor

Ready for CoP.

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